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September 13, 2015  The Breath of God

September 20, 2015 To Love God

September 27, 2015 To Grow In Christ Together

October 4, 2015  To Speak the Words of God

October 11, 2015  To Abound in Good Works

October 18, 2015   To Make Disciples

October 25, 2015  You’ve Been Made Live to Stay Alive


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  • Linda Fott says:

    Loving this study thank you. And I like that you are sharing a pre read for us

  • Deanna says:

    My aunt introduced me to your church when I went to visit my mother. I wanted to say that I really love the week 3 of this Made Alive series! Because to be honest? Those were some of the reasons I don’t like going to churches. Most that I have been to I never felt welcome or I felt welcome in a “click” type way. I don’t feel like people should be separate the way I’ve seen. There are people that go to church to JUDGE others as well as worship. (I’ve overheard a many “Oh my God! Did you see that dress she was wearing? That showed way too much skin! That is not appropriate to wear to church!” and I’ve gone to churches where there were people that glared at me because my “sunday best” was just my cleanest jeans and a tshirt) I don’t want to go to church to be judged. I am a kind hearted and giving person, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus just as much. I don’t feel that ANYONE, me or anyone else should be treated as a lesser person because they have less, or wear different clothing from what you think is “okay”. We are all there to worship God! I do not hate those people but I do not like being around people like that because it is not something that is good in my life. Maybe I’m interpreting it wrong but that’s what rang in my head listening to it.
    The first sermon I saw was the Jesus & Treasure: X Marks the Spot. The main thing I remember about it, which I discussed with my aunt was the question about which scares you more. waking up and not having any money, or waking up and finding there is no God. Then he asked if you were on your death bed, now which one scares you. For me it was God for both. I get how for most it’s Money, then God. But for me? I have BEEN without money and guess what? I’m still alive, and I am still okay. I have always, somehow had a roof over my head even on nights where it seemed impossible (one night was the exception), and I always had food available to eat so I wouldn’t go hungry (though sometimes I would choose to anyway, especially if it meant someone else could have more to eat even if they’ve already eaten) God has ALWAYS provided for me as long as I did the work for it. I distinctly remember one night that I was staying with a boyfriend, his parents, and another couple and their kids. The other couple came in and ran us off. We had nothing but clothes and it was in the middle of the night. We walked to a house and my boyfriend’s mom went in and borrowed the phone. I looked at my boyfriend and told him “We will have a place to sleep tonight” He asked me how I knew. I responded exactly what I felt so sure of, because it was as if someone told me, without words. “I just know.” A little later his mother came out and, in short we got a motel room that night. So I have been without and so I know that it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, God will provide. (Of course you can’t just sit there and do nothing but that’s another story)

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