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Can I just say that I love the series that PVC is in?  This series is a great time for us as a church to ask some rather important questions about who we are, why we exist, what we do and who we are here for?  It’s a great series to stir up faith in our souls where fear may have a stronghold.

So, BE BRAVE!  (love it)

This past Sunday, we looked at how the early church formed and what they did.  We see clearly in Acts 1 that Jesus gave the Apostles the charge to build the church through Him and the Holy Spirit.  But now the buck is on them.  During this time we are told that there are about 120 followers.  Acts starts with this group in the upper room during the festival of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit comes and after some miraculous signs and a powerful sermon by Peter, the church grew to 3120!  In one day!

Now what?  What did they do?

They had no denomination telling them how to do church.  No manual.  Sure they had some formal idea by practicing Judaism and surely adopted some of those practices for now.  But what was it, or better yet, what did they choose to do, in order for their church to be irresistible?  It was surely irresistible because in Acts 2:47 we see that many were being saved day by day.

Let me suggest this for an answer: They were devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

This group were an ekklesia.  They were a gathering of called out ones who came together around the historical event of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This ekklesia, which is the word that is used in the Bible to describe church, were extremely devoted to the Gospel.  They were all in.  No matter what.  No matter what the opposition was.  No matter how uncomfortable life got.  They were devoted.  Heart, mind, soul, strength, and wallet (yes…money).  They were all in.

Because of that they gave themselves to: God’s Word, Fellowship, Celebrating Christ, Prayer, and Generosity.

As they gave themselves to these things, the Holy Spirit developed them, transformed them, and gave them the power to live this new way of life.  And as the Holy Spirit developed them, He did what He loves to do, and that’s show off Jesus, the Irresistible One.

So let me ask you, are you devoted to the Gospel?  Have you given yourself to the Holy Spirit to develop you?

An easy way to grow in your devotion to the Gospel is to engage in some of those disciplines that the early church did.

So what’s your +1?  What will you do to take the next step to follow Jesus?

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