Flesh: Learning to Be Human Like Jesus

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Hugh Halter’s book “Flesh” made me think wider about Jesus and about my life as one of His followers.  If you’re like me you tend to think more about Jesus as God than man.  In the process I know I’ve missed so much about how to live in the flesh as one of His children.

The New Testament has stories about Jesus like the Transfiguration emphasizing deity and stories about him having dinner over at Levi’s crib.  The religious leaders of His day despised both Jesus’ claims to deity and chided Him for being human.  We learn that He experienced the gamut of enticements that we face.  He was at times troubled or at peace like we find ourselves.

The thing that I personally struggle with and am consciously working on [with His help!] is allowing my emotions there rightful place at the table as I think, process and make choices.  Jesus as both God and man had emotions – who knew?  He cried. He used hyperbole. He felt compassion, concern, anger and frustration. He spoke direct and difficult words. He turned tables, flung a whip and raised His voice in the Temple courts [at Church!]! He dreaded the pain and ridicule of the arrest, beatings and crucifixion.  He got excited about Peter’s confession.  He had good and bad days. He spoke with gusto the finished work He’d accomplish.  He enjoyed victory.  He felt the discouragement of rejection.  He was proud that He listened to and obeyed His Father.

I love this about our Lord and the life He modeled and calls us to live.  I have a lot to learn and apply even after thirty-eight years in!

Please pick up this book and read it.  It will stir some emotions I assure you. Some refreshing feelings and some very challenging points.

Perhaps more than any other area on the planet the Upper Midwest of the USA needs a greater dose of Jesus as human.  He is not a doctrine to learn about, a subject to sing about, or someone to consider being like. He is it.  No one compares.  He lived life in living color – every shade of every color.  He was flesh and blood. He was emotional – both sad and ecstatic and everything between.

He lived and died so we can walk in freedom from fear of failure.  He lived so we can live life to the full!

As my 5 year old nephew said one 4th of July long ago to all us bump on a log adults, “you people need to live a little”.

COMMERCIAL…please consider coming to the six session Learning Community I’m leading called “Becoming Irresistible Like Jesus” beginning on Wednesday, January 21 at 7:PM.  One of the resources for this is Hugh Halter’s book “Flesh”.

I love you all!

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