Inside Look: King Jesus – Spiritual Warfare

By February 11, 2015An Inside Look
What does it mean to be engaged in spiritual warfare? Participating in a Kingdom that is not of this world can be somewhat difficult to comprehend. How does it work? What role do we play and what should we leave to the King? Opinions on this can be endless. What does the Bible have to say about this? How do we rightly interpret those texts and hold in balance the tension that inherently exists? Listen in to find out more.


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  • Tanya Bollinger says:

    I really appreciated this discussion you guys did on Spiritual Warfare. This topic has really been present this last week for me. Part of it goes along with trying to flesh out warfare and mental health diagnosis’. The approach you took was very helpful in allowing me to look outside of whether it is warfare or it isn’t. Also the comment on hiding behind “spiritual warfare” and owning our sin was really powerful to hear as well.

    I just want to thank you guys for doing these podcasts. I so love studying and going deeper with theology and applying it to practical living but at this point in my life being able to do much reading is kind of obsolete with small kids. I appreciate hearing the books you reference and the study you have done and sharing it in this practical way. Got to listen to this while folding laundry and making lunch. Yes there were a few parts I missed due to screaming and loud noises but got the gist of it!
    Thanks guys.
    Tanya Bollinger

  • Sherry George says:

    Good discussion, thank you!

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