Week 1:

Download the Irresistible Curriculum – Week 1 discussion questions, or see below.

Week 1: Humility and Gratitude

Pre-video discussion:

Briefly share about your life experiences and spiritual journey.

Religion is all about behavior.  Following Jesus is all about the heart.  Jesus, speaking to the most religious people of His day, the Pharisees, points out two character traits that need to be cultivated in our hearts.  Humility and gratitude.

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Discussion Questions:

Read Matthew 23:25-27 and Matthew 15:18-20.  Once we see these qualities begin to grow and develop in our hearts, we will see other changes that follow.

What’s the one job at your house that you hate to do?  Taking out the trash? Cleaning the bathrooms? Why do you dislike doing this?   Do you usually do it or do others have to do it in your place?


Read Philippians 2:1-11.  This chapter opens with a laundry list of Christian experiences.

Which of these experiences most resonates with you?  What does it mean to consider others better than yourself?  What is the difference between living humbly and letting others take advantage of you?

What attitudes of Jesus do you see in verses 6-11?  Which of these do you struggle to emulate?
Can humility be faked?


Read I Thessalonians 5:16-18.  According to this passage, what is God’s will for you?

Which of these three commands is the hardest for you to obey?  Always rejoicing, praying without ceasing, or giving thanks in all circumstances?  What makes it difficult?


Read Philippians 4:4-7.
What are some ways that you can make sure giving thanks is part of your prayer life?

What is the connection between humility and a thankful heart?  Which comes first?

Remember that job that you hated to do around the house?

Find out what one person in your family or workplace hates to do and then do it for them, considering him/her better than yourself.

Humility and thankfulness are heart issues, but what is in our hearts is ultimately reflected in how we live.  

Belief determines behavior.
Our actions follow our hearts, but what do our hearts follow?