Week 3:

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Week 3: Obedience


Pre-video discussion:

We saw in Week 1’s lesson that everything flows from the heart.  In Week 2’s lesson, we addressed our motivation, which is the limitless grace of Jesus, and the result of our changed heart, which is generosity.


Now we ask the question, “so what?”  If we are humble and grateful because the grace of God has given us a generous spirit, how do we respond?  The answer is that we respond with humble, grateful, grace-filled and generous obedience.


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Discussion Questions:

As a child, what motivated you to behave?  Was it fear of punishment or hope of rewards?
Were you a child who generally followed the rules or were prone to bend and break a rule here and there?
Did your parents or teachers have any effective attention getters to modify your behavior?


In I Samuel 15, Saul, the King of Israel, defied God by not destroying the Amalekites as God had commanded him.  When the prophet Samuel rebukes him for his disobedience, Saul responds that he was planning to sacrifice the animals he disobediently kept from the Lord.  God’s response is spoken through Samuel.


Read I Samuel 15:22.  What is the difference between sacrifice and obedience?  Which follows the other?

Why is one more important to God than the other?


Have you ever tried to substitute sacrifice in one area of your life for obedience in another?  Have you been caught hiding a sinful motivation behind a spiritual front?


Read John 14:15-21.  In the New Testament, Jesus redefines what obedience means.  What commandment is Jesus instructing us to keep?  What are some results Jesus promises us if we keep His commands?


Read John 15:14-15.  Do you view yourself more as a servant of God or a friend of God?  What do these verses say about that relationship?  How can you cultivate a friendship with God that leads to obedience?


How does the shift from servant to friendship with God affect your view of obedience?  Religion says, “I obey, therefore, I am forgiven.”  The gospel says, “I am forgiven, therefore, I obey.”  How does the Good News of Jesus free you to be joyfully obedient?


This week, look for an opportunity to serve someone else and take it…but check your motive!  Prayerfully make sure that you are responding with grateful obedience to Jesus and not from a sense of duty or obligation.  Remember, that like our other acts of obedience to the commands of Christ, our giving should be from a joyful heart.


If time, watch the vision/walkthrough film here.