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Dear PVC Family,

God is FAITHFUL!  I have found myself saying this over and over the last few weeks.  As I look at my own life and the life of PVC, I see God’s faithfulness all over.  It has been my prayer that you too have been able to see and experience God’s faithfulness in your own life as well as in the life of PVC.

As the new Senior Pastor, it’s my desire to be a clear communicator of God’s Word; plus, God’s activity & direction for PVC.  One of the ways that I will strive to do this is by writing a quarterly letter to the PVC family to celebrate what God has done, to share how we see God at work presently, and to paint a picture of where we, as leaders, anticipate God moving in and through PVC.

PVC, God has been faithful to us as a church!  It’s just like we said back in January, He’s faithful to lead His church because it’s His church.  As you know, God has lead us to embrace the vision of becoming a church that is IRRESISTIBLE.  We want to maximize our resources for Kingdom impact.  We have committed to making our present facility IRRESISTIBLE by addressing key areas that need to be re-purposed.  We are taking steps together as a church to become people who are IRRESISTIBLE so that we can point people to the IRRESISITIBLE ONE: JESUS CHRIST.

Back in the fall of 2014, we installed a new AVL system that was considered Phase 1 of the initiative.  We have dedicated Phase 2 to eliminating 100% of our debt, and saving up the funds to begin planning and constructing a better kids’ wing in our facility.  In 2 short months, we have already eliminated 50% of the debt and we are getting closer to the kids’ wing planning phase.  As we move
forward, we are trusting God to move us as a church to give sacrificially to eliminate the rest of our debt & to dream big as it relates to the kids’ wing in our church.

Since September, we have seen 29 people make decisions for Christ.  We have baptized 8 people with another 10 who desire to be baptized as well.  We have added 48 new members!  Our numbers in the youth ministries have nearly doubled what they were a year ago!  Many individuals and families are moving towards financial freedom through  Financial Peace University!  God is moving!  Let’s continue to move with Him!

PVC, as we look towards the future, I see a church that is full of people who have been made alive through Jesus:

  • To Love God with all of their being and who have a desire to obey Him in all things.
  • To Speak the Words of God, understanding that we are fully dependent on Him and His Spirit through His Word and prayer.
  • To Grow in Christ Together, understanding that we are His body and that we are intricately connected to each other.
  • To Abound in Good Works, being so consumed with God’s Kingdom that we would count whatever the cost and pay whatever the price to do our part in this mission.
  • To Give of our Resources, understanding that because our God is generous, we too will choose to be generous with our resources.
  • To Make Disciples, because we know that God’s plan to reach others is not ‘something’ but ‘someone,’ and we are that someone.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for PVC!  Please pray alongside the Governance Board and me as we begin to ask the Lord what’s on His heart for PVC and this surrounding area.  I eagerly look forward to sharing with our church family what God is laying on our hearts to do in the near future.

Will you join us by doing at least 1 of these 3 things:

  1. Pray. Come pray with us on Sundays before first service from 8:00-8:30 am.  Join us also for the Prayer & Worship night, April 19th at 6:30pm.  If you can’t make any of these events, please pray for PVC and those in our community who do not know the Lord.
  2. Join the Initiative. God is moving.  If you don’t already, I would love for you to have some skin in the game.  Let me encourage you not to be a spectator! I encourage you to give of your resources to join what God is doing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s $1 or $10,000.  Just ask God what it would be and join in on the excitement!
  3. Take your Next Step. For some, that may mean becoming a member of PVC.  For others, that may mean joining a small group.  Or, it may be volunteering somewhere within PVC.  Whatever it is, please take your next step!  Go to www.pvwinona.com to find your opportunity!


Pray with me as we anticipate God to move in our midst!

With enthusiasm,

Brandon Zieske

Senior Pastor



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