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It’s Christmas season.  It’s the season of hope, the season of joy, and the season of anticipation.

It’s also the season where God has revealed to the whole world that He has made a way for us to have peace, to be reconciled with God.  To be able to be “with” God.  After all, this baby, Jesus, was given the name, “Immanuel” which means “God with us.”

This “with” concept is how God intended you and I to live, with Him.  With Him.  Knowing that God is with us changes so much doesn’t it?  We know that we are never abandoned.  Never alone.  Never forgotten. Always loved.  Always accepted.  All this because of Jesus Christ.

With us.

Here’s the sad news.  There are many who do not know this.  Many who do not understand the beauty of the name “Immanuel” and it’s significance.  But the good news is that many will choose this Christmas to pull Jesus out of the attic, even if it is seasonal.  You see, many will come to church and or be willing to come to church this Christmas.

What if you decided to play a role in their life this Christmas?  What if you decided this Christmas to tell people about this good news of great joy?  What if you simply invited folks to come to PVC this Christmas Eve?

Let’s be all in this Christmas, by asking God to prepare the way for Jesus to change lives!  Let’s be all in by praying for others this season.  Let’s be all in by inviting our friends, neighbors, etc to church this Christmas Eve.

Man!  I’m so excited to see and hear what God is going to do!

What are some creative ways you have invited people?  Do share!

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