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On October 22nd, we are gathering together as a church that is formed around the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to worship Him.  This will be a sweet time, where we can all come together, focusing on Jesus for an extended period of time.  Not only that, but we are doing this to stir up our hearts to what God is doing at PVC and what we feel He wants to do.  We are going to ask ourselves, “What can I do to be part of that?”  It’s going to be a great night.

However, I am well aware that you may be asking yourself the question, “So what?  Why should I give up a Wednesday evening to attend this?”

Let me suggest 3 reasons why you should be here.

1.  We need to UNITE.

The church is a body.  The church is something like a family.  It is made up of individual entities, but yet, because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are miraculously connected together.  What does that mean?  It means that I need you.  It means that you need me.  It means that you need them and they need you.  The church is centered around the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that’s what pulls us together.  Sure, we may have differing opinions on certain things, but as Christians we are together on the essentials of the faith.  We need to remind ourselves that this is greater than any of our opinions.  This will be a time where we will ask God to unite our hearts and minds so that we can be like those in Acts 4:32 who “were of one heart and soul…”

Maybe you need to come to become part of something bigger than yourself.

Maybe you need to come to allow God to do some reconciliation in your heart or in the hearts of others.

Maybe you need to come to realize that you are not alone.

Maybe you need to come to see that God is at work in PVC and in Winona.

2.  We need to be REMINDED that we are part of something BIGGER THAN OURSELVES.

In Acts 4:23-31, the church realized that they are part of a prophecy that is being fulfilled.  They realized that they are the answer to many prayers.  They realized that God is using them and that God is moving in their midst.  So they gathered together in a spontaneous worship/prayer night, asking God to give them boldness because they are planning to continue to reach out to others.  And that was the result of that night.

They worshiped.  They prayed.  They asked for boldness.  They went out and the Gospel spread.  The church continued to grow.

We need to come together to be reminded that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and we need to again realign our hearts to that.

3.  We need to respond to Jesus.

Responding to Jesus is way more than a 1 time thing, right?  We know that, but we also know that life happens and we can so easily get sidetracked by the worries of this world.  This is a great opportunity to set aside 2 hours this week to simply respond to Jesus.  But this response is much more than you and I just singing and praying to God.  It’s also about realizing that an appropriate response is one that looks at what we give God and others.  God gave His all to us.  He came to serve us, to save us.  That was no small sacrifice.  That was extreme generosity.  When we see Jesus, we see a generous God.  Christians are to be a generous people.  Giving of their time to serve the church and others.  Giving of their resources to further the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This generosity can not be overlooked as it is one of the major highlights in Acts.  This generosity is one of the irresistible characteristics of the church because it reflects our Great God.  In Acts 4:23-37, we see the church gathering together to unite in the name of Jesus, realizing that they are part of something huge, and they responded by giving.  They gave their time and their resources to spread the Gospel.

We can not out-give God…EVER.

On October 22nd, let’s UNITE together.  Let’s be REMINDED that we are part of something BIGGER THAN OURSELVES.  Let’s RESPOND to Jesus.

See you there!

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