Thanks for volunteering with Camp Awesome, we truly appreciate you investing your time.  The Camp Awesome staff will be using Zello for walkie-talkie-like communications.  This page will help you get set up and running.  Please let James know if you have any problems during this process!



  1. Download Zello using your device’s app store.

  2. Use the quick start guide for your device to get an account registered, and to familiarize yourself with the app

    1. iPhones:

    2. Androids:

  3. Create a profile picture for yourself so we can easily identify one another (instructions are included in the quick start guide).

  4. Add our channel “Camp Awesome Staff” using the password “pvcampawesome”.  You can click here, or use the QR code to the right.

  5. On the channel’s settings, enable receiving alerts from the channel by setting it to: “always”

That should do it!  Give it a test, and enjoy!