We say it’s important to spend time with Jesus everyday, but why? And how? It can be difficult to get started and know how to spend that time. We would love to show you how to posture yourself to hear from Him. Classes include Biblical teaching, Chair Time training, practice, a personal look into the Chair Time of the teaching team, discussion, questions, and suggested resources.

Chad & Lisa Ellenburg

"For me, knowledge isn't the point.. Storing up knowledge for yourself, the Pharisees did that. The point is intimacy with the Lord and spending time with Him." - Lisa

Joe McConkey, MaryBeth McConkey, and Cindy Bautch

"I am the poster child of failed attempts at Chair Time.. I sometimes do not have Chair Time, more then I do."         - Mary Beth

Brian Sauter and Kelly Hein

"It's not a checklist. Just, read until you get something. You don't need to read an entire chapter, sometimes it's a verse." - Kelly Hein

Daniel and Amberylnn Olson

"At this point I realized, 'Oh, I forgot to pray.' So then I'm like, 'Okay, pause. God I know I've read Genesis 2 before and I know that I'm distracted and trying to find some cool thing for Chair Time class this week, but God I just want this Chair Time to be with You. So, slow me down, help me listen to You. Okay.' So that's what it was."           - Daniel