What if Jesus went to your classes tomorrow?  Or sat in your seat at work?  Or held the hands of your little ones?  How would He look at the difficulties you face? What would He say to the co-worker who was having a bad day?  Would He get frustrated at the things that frustrate you?  Would His heart ache for your family or friends?  What does it look like to be a follower of Jesus “out there” away from Sunday morning?

Daniel Olson

"So God just used that moment to convict me and remind me, 'Hey, remember the way I look at people. I see beyond where they are right now. I see who they can be when I transform their life'." - Daniel Olson, 24:23

Joe McConkey

"If I'm going to think like Jesus all day long, I need to manage my thought life.."         - Joe McConkey

Brian Sauter

"If you strive to say, ‘Hey I do my devotional everyday. I do my prayers everyday.  I strive to worship everyday.. The things is you cannot do one thing that makes you closer to God because He’s the one who chases. We’re just the ones who run. He aligns our hearts.”" - Brian Sauter, 30:22

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