Pleasant Valley Indoor Playground

Our state of the art indoor playground offers a safe environment for children, ages 2-12. The floor has a cushioned rubber surface to protect kids as they run, jump and play.


Free and open to the public!  Parents must supervise all children Monday—Friday. Must check-in at the front office, use door “A.”
Closed on holidays.

The playground is not supervised by church staff.

Open SUNDAYS, before, during, and after Worship Services.

Parents must supervise children, ages 6 years and under, on Sundays.

PLAYGROUND RULES to keep kids safe and the playground in tip-top shape:

Keep shoes on (must be clean and dry)  ~  No food or drink  ~  No sharp objects  ~  Do not walk up the slides or climb onto the roof of the tree house  ~  Go down slides feet first ~ Do not hang from the bars or bridge  ~  Invite your friends  ~  No pushing or shoving  ~  Take turns and share  ~  Keep strollers in lobby area  ~  No fighting, name calling, or cursing

We suggest the removal of helmets, drawstrings, and any accessories worn around the neck


                                                                              At this time, our indoor playground is not available for birthday parties.