This is Sybil.

Over 20 years ago Sybil Baloyi felt the Lord calling her from her job as a nurse in South Africa and travel to war torn Mozambique. Through her obedience, Sybil started sharing the gospel to kids playing soccer, which then turned into over 100 kids clubs throughout the area of Chokwe in which over 1000s of kids have heard the gospel of Jesus. Her dreams didn’t stop there. In 2012, not only did the government approve of, but greatly encouraged the opening of a private Christian school which serves paying children as well as those who are orphaned and vulnerable. The school not only provides empowerment through education to the children, but also a safe space where children can learn about Jesus and be loved and cared for.

The school continues to grow every year. Starting with just preschool, the school now serves up to seventh grade and is in need of more space. Pleasant Valley has the immense privilege of witnessing Hlauleka (the name of the school, which means “Holy Ones” derived from Leviticus 19:2) the summer of 2018 to which God led Pastor Chad and Pastor Sammy to partner with Sybil and raise the total amount of funds for the new school building.




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below are stories from Mozambique, from Winona, but ultimately about what God is doing the the hearts of his people through this Global Project. New stories will be posted monthly. There will be a mixture of blog post and videos.

Chad’s Blog Post

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