Our House is this beautiful and sacred space at 1363 Homer Road in Winona, MN. Pleasant Valley Church is over 100 years old! The current location was built in 1970 and has seen many additions over the years. In 2016, our most recent updates and additions were completed. Many pledged sacrificially to the project. We are patiently trusting the Lord with the outstanding pledged dollars while we make monthly payments. A lot happens in this place every week as the Word and Person of Jesus Christ is lifted high. Please prayerfully consider giving above and beyond your tithe to help meet this need over the next 12 months.


Please review the monthly needs below as you consider sacrificial gifts to help us make our payments
for the next 12 months. Empty squares are still available.

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Our House 50.jpg
Our House 100.jpg
Our House 250.jpg
Our House 500.jpg
Our House 1000.jpg