Sunday Morning Prayer

Every Sunday, 7:30am in the Prayer Room (former Coat Room).  Pray for the service, the message, the worship, the people and changed lives!

Sunday After Service Prayer

Prayer is available after each service with the Prayer Team in the front of the Ministry Center.


Prayerwërks meets Tuesdays at noon in the Prayer Room, to lift up the requests to our Lord.  All are welcome to this time of prayer. To submit requests, fill out the bulletin response card and place it in a black offering box.  Requests will always be confidential and may be submitted anonymously if you wish.

Private Prayer Requests

For prayer requests of a more private nature, we have a Prayer Chain group. This group is made up of people who desire to be part of the prayer team and regularly receive prayer requests.  If you have a personal prayer request or would like to pass on a request from someone else, please send it to Sensitivity and care will be taken to provide confidentiality in prayer requests when needed.
If you would like to join the Prayer Chain group, please contact